Connecticut based and founder of the inspiring Underground Quality label, Jus-Ed took some time to answer to some quick questions about label management and showcasing up coming artists in and out the US soil (Levon Vincent, DJ Q.U, Fred P, Anton Zap…) contributing actively to the renewal of the “NYC House” underground music scene over the past years. He also kindly graced us with a mix that truly showcases the sound of UQ.

UQ has been a platform for showcasing young talented artists. Is this the vision you had in mind when you launched the label, besides having a platform for your own material?

Salaam! Yes… And it continues! Over the years I have met super talented artists, and introduced their sound to the U.Q. world, many of these artist have gone on to become very successful.

How did you manage to get in touch with all these artists, especially the ones from outside the US like Anton Zap or Owen Jay? Are you planning on showcasing new artists in the near future?

I met them through the Internet Yes of course I will continue on till the most high decides I’m must do something else.

UQ has been releasing a series of deep cuts since the beginning, but there are also great mood swings to the catalogue, from the groovy and mellow sound of Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana and Smallpeople to the more hard-edged tracks from the likes of Tazz, Aybee and yourself. How would you describe the UQ sound?

Yes underground music is not limited to one sound… The description is the same as the label Underground Quality music… No more no less.

To what extent does your input and opinion impact the label’s output? Do you have any guidelines and specifications for the different artists when suggesting a release?

Well I own and control UQ output so it’s 100 percent my music taste. I don’t influence the artist, I either love their music or not.. Every track that has been released on U.Q. IS BECAUSE I LOVE IT. It has nothing to do with will it be a hit or not… It has everything to do with being timeless 😉

You’ve been handling distribution independently essentially, at first, through the UQ website… How important is this format to you?

Correction I started with downtown161 as my distributor, then Rub-A-Dub. Then evolved to self distribution along with my partner Jenifa Mayanja owner of BU-MAKO Recordings. Together we do the distribution. This is very important to the complete access of our music.

Can you tell us a bit about your EDJ label project with Jenifa Mayanja? Is it a platform for duo output only, or do you plan on extending it to other artists?

It just ED & JEN. with guest from our children. We hope to release a family song we did called Rainbow TBA 😉 The content is really about us as partners, in Life in Parenting and in business. We have a vast history of music between us. And our fans individually kept asking for a collaboration release from us. So after 7 years we decided it would be a good look. We are doing quiet well wit the Label, and we will be on EU tour this summer July 2014.

When thinking about what you guys did with Tape in Berlin for the closing party of the club, one can only wonder about future gatherings coming from the UQ roster…

Thanks yes I can honestly say with the help of my artists. We made history! And changed the way people party, listen to music, and even DeeJay… to programming Party’s or Events. It was truly life changing! Yes we have more February 28th we will be back at Panorama Bar in Berlin UQ Label night the “Next Generation” we have a lot of new first time artists. DR Jones first time overseas:  He is an East coast House /Dance, and get this no production. Just a pure DeeJay! We have from Malta,  Owen Jay not his first time playing a Label night but his first time playing at P-Bar… I think half of Malta will be there lol. Melchior will play live for the first time anywhere on this night, and the lovely Dana Ruh will also be celebrating a new album release on U.Q – uq-057 – Naturally… Dana

Check out these guys mixes at www.undergroundquality.com or visit our sound cloud page…

Can you tell a bit about other favourite locations of yours?

I don’t have a favourite yet… All of the locations I have seen are wonderful! When I seen every place I will then be able to answer this one… lol

Lately you’ve been playing a lot with Move D in several locations, how was this project born?

Well it’s not a project or plan… It happens naturally… See Move D is what I call a music brother, meaning we are compatible like Pete and DJ QU Jenifa… I don’t have to think or worry when I play with these guys there all music pro!

Are you planning on extending this complicity further in the studio, as you did on “It’s a struggle”?

Since I have been making music it always come’s from within out, it’s the only way I know how to do this…

That is the formula…

What can we expect from UQ in future?




NEW UQ-005 6&7 TBA

Collaborations CAN’T SPEAK ON THIS YET 😉

Thanks very much for this… I hope to see you all soon!

Blessings Ed Jus-Ed That is…


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