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In the line of likes of Udacha records, Rough House Rosie Records is a new label based in Germany, founded and run since 2012 by George Beridze from Georgia, curating us with some interesting and infectious house sound. We couldn’t advise you enough to take a listen to their catalog, it’s gem-packed!!!  We asked him about label management, vinyl and collaborations…

Hello George ! Where does the name Rough House Rosie come from? Looking at the label’s artwork, it seems to be a reference to the 1927 movie; can you tell us a bit more about that?

You are correct, it comes from a movie from 1927 with a same title, but the movie was lost. I thought it would be nice to use this name since it has the word house in it and plus it doesn’t really exist)

You seem to be fascinated by that period of the 20th century, and your personal blog sees you publishing pictures of some beautiful women like Natalie Wood or Paulette Goddard. Is this where you draw most of your inspiration for the label?

I think 20s were the best time, and then WWII ruined everything haha. I especially like movies from 20s of pre-code Hollywood era. They touched very ‘advanced’ topics for that time, which are still relevant today (like women’s rights etc.).

Haha, yes I have a nice collection of beautiful women on my tumblr. I don’t think i draw inspiration for my label from them but they look nice and who doesn’t like beautiful women 🙂

There seems to be someone named Serga who handles the label’s artwork. How does the collaboration work?

Serga (aka Willis Acid) is a good friend of mine who owns a cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia and also does graphic design. He helps me out with all the designing and adobe stuff, he has a good taste and it’s nice to have such people on board.

Do you manage the label by yourself? Are there other people involved as well? Do you have something specific in mind prior to a release or do you leave it open to the artists, and then decide whether to release the music…?

 Yes, I manage RHR by myself. I also discuss with HVL about the projects I plan and tracks I select, because I like his taste in music. I also sometimes share plans with other friends to see their reaction)).

In general I know what kind of release I want to do next and then ask artists for specific tracks they have put on SC.

Rough House Rosie has released 5 EPs since 2013, all limited and hand-stamped. Can you tell us a bit about the choice of this particular format? Is it important for you to have a small structure, and to keep things relatively ‘low-profile’?

Yes, RHR has 5 releases, but only first three were hand-stamped and limited. This limitation comes from the fact that I was paying for pressing myself, and didn’t have enough funds to do a larger press or to pay for cover art, boxes, etc.

I like vinyl because it’s like a piece of art one can hold in his hands. And those who want to listen to the music at their PC, the tracks are always available on youtube. For me it’s not important to have a low profile or small structure. If the music is good, all of this is irrelevant. But, honestly, I don’t see a point in releasing music in digital format. There is no advantage in it, not even financial. Beatport djs will still not play this kind of music 🙂

You’ve also been reaching out to relatively unknown and rising underground producers, like HVL, Shine Grooves or Pjotr, almost all of them, like you, coming from the eastern part of Europe (or western part of Asia J). Is the label a platform to help promote artists you feel close to? Did you have all of these people in mind before launching RHR?

HVL is a good friend of mine and I initially started a label just to release his EP. But people liked it so I continued. Shine Grooves is amazing, he has so many tracks lying around, one could do one release per month)….It is easy for me to communicate with artists from former USSR, since I also speak in Russian, and we sort of share same past (here I want to point out that Pjotr is German and not Russian haha)

In general, I want to put out good music, but giving a chance to newcomers is very important. There are lot of releases with similar sound and we need a fresh sound from somewhere. But finding a niche for this kind of sound is not that hard. I think a lot of labels are afraid of low sales numbers and unfamiliar names. They just go with some ‘famous’ at that point artists. But, I think eventually the music on RHR and on labels like Udacha, Fireckracker etc… will last longer. Doesn’t matter if some tracks are not ‘DJ TIP’ for summer of 2014 🙂

Some guys like Shine Grooves or HVL have been regulars on the label, have you guys ever thought of doing a gathering or a label night in a club some day?

We would love to do a label night somewhere, if anyone will want to host us)) there are small visa limitations since many artists are from non-EU countries, but its not a big problem.

HVL released the wonderful Deep Survey EP to start off the label… Can you tell us about your relationship with him? Especially since he’s from Georgia as well… Is there some sort of “scene” in Georgia, other people involved in electronic music, night life, etc…?

As I said above, I know HVL (Gigi Jikia) for some time. He was a part of a group ‘Okinawa Lifestyle’, which was quite popular in Georgia. I had his tracks lying around and thought why not to start a label, since these tracks are beautiful, I’d love to have them on vinyl 🙂 .

Other Georgian artist to follow is of course Gacha (alias Bakradze) (Apollo Rec./TEAL/2nd Drop). Other than that, there is not much producing going on in Georgia. There is a lot more djing and people like to go out and dance. I can’t say that there is a big choice of clubs, but still there are places.

10 years ago there was more going on in terms of producing with all the GOSLAB people putting out nice music (like Natalie Beridze, Nikakoi, Gogi Dzodzuashvili etc.). I really liked their music and I still listen to their albums.

The next release on RHR is an all Japanese various artists EP. How did this happen? How did you meet all of these guys?

I haven’t actually met any of the four Japanese artists who will appear on the upcoming VA. I remember there was a nice track from Miruga on soundcloud which i liked, and I asked him if he wants to collaborate. Then I thought why not to do whole release with different producers from Japan and I managed to get other tracks also. I am especially thankful to Takayuki Shiraishi for letting me re-release his track Nightfall on vinyl. It was only available on CD in 2002 on the album ‘Slow Shoutin’.

Apart from your work as a label head, do you play in venues sometimes? Are you planning on producing music and releasing it?

I wouldn’t say it is real work, its more like a hobby)) I played twice on some festival in Munich couple of years ago, I also played in a bar there. I usually dj when I go home to Georgia for holidays, but there haven’t been many offers from germany or somewhere else)) I don’t plan to produce music, i think i will let the real musicians do it haha and i don’t really have time for it.

What is next for Rough House Rosie, do you have some artists in mind for future collaborations?

In future there will be definitely a comeback from HVL. Other than that, i don’t really know.

And yes, watch out for sister label of RHR, Pandora which will release its first release in June with Benedikt Frey, Shine Grooves, Unbroken Dub and Kurvenschreiber. The sound over there will be more ambient, experimental 🙂 .


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