ChicagoDeep & Taelue (Perpetual Rhythms)

Hailing from Chicago’s underground, Victor Aguinaga (aka Chicagodeep) and Nick Marshall (aka Taelue) have been providing depth and textures through their Perpetual Rhythms label, for all the heads out there. It does take a great amount of experience and inspiration to craft a signature sound that will most certainly last. Find out more about these committed connoisseurs…
Along with the interview, the duo provided us with a journey that left us wondering where the last 2 hours went…


The name of your record label, “Perpetual Rhythms”, sounds like an ode to timeless music. Can you elaborate on that, and the importance of putting out records that stand the test of time?

Growing up, we both listened to various styles of music. We spoke about starting a label which incorporated these different styles that we enjoyed and not just focusing on a specific genre. This lead us to form Perpetual Rhythms; Music that both of us agreed on, not having the thought that “oh yea, this is a classic”, but just having that feeling that this is great music that 10 – 20 years down the road we would still feel proud about releasing.

Although the label is a pretty recent project, you guys have been collecting and playing records for years now… What prompted you to launch your own thing?

Since we’ve been collecting and playing records for years, we felt that we were ready for the  next step into production. With that said, we didn’t want to wait for other labels to want to put our material out. We felt in our hearts that it was time to put in the footwork to launch a label that represents us; sounds that we play, sounds that we create. It’s been a journey so far and we’re still learning everyday.

In Chicago there seems to be a very strong bond between some local underground artists as witnessed by the long-lasting Secret Value and Tetrode Sessions…how influential were these relationships in crafting the identity of Perpetual Rhythms?

Secret Value is an event at a local bar here in Chicago that hosts various underground guest DJs. The music that’s often played there is influential as far as us vibing off what many of the DJs play, however Perpetual Rhythms isn’t affiliated with Secret Value. Tetrode Sessions is really just a fun time with a couple of our friends. We get together from time to time to play some tunes, have a couple laughs and some beers all while streaming it live online for listeners around the world to listen.

Apart from the Sunday Drive track on Minuendo, Ghost of the sky, the latest offering on PR, is the first full studio collaboration between the two of you. Can you tell us a little about the creative process guiding this project? Do you work simultaneously together in the studio or do you work on the tracks separately?

We’ve actually been working on music together since Sunday Drive. It wasn’t until recently that we decided that we should move forward with a group effort and put these tracks out. With the recent launch of Ghosts of The Sky, we work together as well as separate and decide on which tracks we want to use for the moniker.

What do you feel each one of you brings to the table? We’re asking this especially because we feel your solo productions under the ChicagoDeep and Taelue monikers each hold very different aesthetics and emotions…

Chicagodeep leans towards a raw Chicago style. Taelue leans toward ethereal soundscapes. Neither of these define our overall sound as we have many different influences that move us in the studio. Together we feel that we both present our instinctive feelings and emotions on tracks that we curate. It’s a little bit of both of us, a little bit unknown.

You’ve also been branching out to some artists outside the US, namely CSPOK and HVL for a split EP. Can you tell us a little about the selection process for the label and relationship with the artists involved?

We’d both spoken to and followed these artists over the years. We really liked their sound and decided that their music would fit really well on the label.

In addition to this release from European artists, the records on the PR have had a pretty strong echo here in Europe, and you’ve also been featured on the Berlin based Estimulo Show and have released tracks recently on UK label Boe Recordings. Do you see yourselves furthering this bond with European artists and platforms, and maybe even coming to Europe to play?

We’re always willing to work with potential labels as well as artists that are interested in what we’re doing. Our doors at Perpetual Rhythms are always open. We would love to expand the bond with Europe as well as coming over to play, if they will have us.

What can we expect from Perpetual Rhythms in the future? What are some of artists you would like to have on the label?

We’re looking forward to our upcoming releases over the next year. You can expect to hear new works from Brian Harden, Linkwood, as well as Solo eps from Chicagodeep & Taelue.


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