Matt Pond (DeepSystems Music)

After being involved in organizing events and hosting radio shows for a long time in his city, Matt Pond has recently joined the Sounds Familiar roaster, bringing his own blend of deepness to the table. Find out more about this fine selector who knows the importance of doing things his own way

You seem to have been long involved with organizing events and throwing parties in your city. Can you take us back to when things started for you and maybe talk to us about the days when you were resident at Fluid Groove in Brighton.

Well I’m from the free party scene, that’s how I got into the whole thing really. So putting on parties and gatherings was something I’d always done alongside DJ’ing. I’d been involved with putting on parties in Wolverhampton and the midlands before I moved down to Brighton and it was around that time I became a resident at Fluid Groove. Fluid Groove was good fun while it lasted but the scene was getting very bland and I was finding it very frustrating not being able to play the music I really wanted to play in a club environment. People didn’t seem to get it at the time, that’s when I moved away from the club scene and started DeepSystems.

What was the sound that you were pushing forward during that period?

Well its always been house music of some kind or another. But as I mentioned earlier, the music in the clubs was getting very diluted around 2005/ 2006. So I needed to create a party where I could do what I really wanted to do. And that’s kind of how I developed the style I have now.

Those must have been very important and educational years, especially if you had chance to invite guests to play at the events. What are some of the encounters you made and have influenced your mind-set about the way you like to do things in music?

Yes very important. I was lucky to have the experience of playing in clubs a lot, it got me used to working with various different set ups and sound systems.  Also putting on the DeepSystems parties was great because we built it from scratch. We’d hire a venue that was out of the town centre like cafes or studios, put in an amazing sound system and invite some of the best DJ’s in the world to come and play. I’ve learnt so much about the whole process.. so I guess my mind-set is very DIY.. if you want something done properly do it yourself.

Up until recently you have long hosted the DeepSystems radio show for 10 years on different stations. How challenging and important was it for you to keep the same level of consistency, interest and commitment over the years?

I haven’t actually been playing that many gigs over the last 5 or 6 years so doing the radio show all this time has really kept me in the loop with music and DJ’ing. Its very hard work sometimes, shows can take several days to prepare and records are not cheap.. it can be quite time consuming. But I have always enjoyed doing it and the fact that people all over the world are listening is amazing. At the moment I am taking a break from doing the live radio shows but am concentrating on recording podcasts and guest mixes.. like the one I have done for you.

The DeepSystems record label launched earlier this year sees you going back to releasing music under the BitterSuite moniker, for two deep “Familiar Currents” cuts. Can you tell us a little about the production team?

Familiar Currents is written and produced by Jon Gray, one third of BitterSuite. He’s a friend of mine from Brighton, a really talented producer with a really unique sound. When he played me those tracks I really wanted to put them out myself, James at Juno helped us out to set up the label and that’s how the label started. BitterSuite is made of Jon, Dom Thompson and myself although personally I haven’t been working on music production lately … that’s coming next year fingers crossed.

What can we expect from you and the label in the near future? Are you going to be reaching out to artists outside of the family?

Hard to say at the moment. There will be more music coming from BitterSuite and collaborations with friends and family.  On the DJ front I have just teamed up with Sounds Familiar DJ agency, based in Verona, Italy. The roster is REALLY amazing so I’m really looking forward to working with them next year. Shouts to Ornella and Enrico!


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